Styles, Colors, & Agents

Curb Styles

3 different curb styles to suit your design or utility preferences.

Slant Style CurbThe slant style mold is the shape required for most stamped borders. It has a clean and simple design by itself. Stamps for this shape include a variety of brick, stone and other patterns. A texture can be added to enhance the curb further. The slant mold offers the most flexibility when it comes to custom designed borders. We are happy to assist you with any design ideas you might have.

Mower Edge StyleThough both the slant and mower styles work well with a mower, the shape of the mower style is easier to mow around with a riding mower. It’s shape allows you to place one wheel of your mower on the lower edge of the curb, which will greatly reduce the amount of “weed-eating” or edging required around beds or borders.

6x4 Undercarriage Style CurbThis style is more bulky and is useful in more practical applications such as edging your driveway, horseshoe pit, or for commercial grade curbing

Curb Colors

In order to achieve the look you desire, we have many color options available. Our concrete is mixed with pigment, producing a curb that is colored throughout and will not chip off or peel.

The color chart below represents the approximate shades of TYGAR CurbColors. TYGAR™ supplies us with the industry’s most trusted integral dry concrete color designed specifically for use in decorative curbing. Please use this chart as a guide only.

Curb Colors

Release Agents

Release agents are applied after finishing the install to add extra color and depth. Sealer is then applied to protect colors and enhance color tones.

The chart below represents the approximate release shades for curbing. Please use the chart as a guide only.

Release Agents

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