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Benefits & Advantages

EdgeWise Curbing is a team of professionals that design and install custom decorative landscape curbing and decorative concrete overlay. Decorative concrete additions are innovative, affordable ways to immediately improve the appearance of any landscape. Installation by our fully insured professionals is quick and clean, requiring no preparation on your part.

Curb Appeal

Increase the beauty of your property:

  • Highlight elements of your landscape.
  • Define gardens, flower beds and property lines.
  • Accent walkways and driveways.
  • Produce a finished, well-kept appearance
  • Customize color, shape, pattern and more

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Lawn Mowing & Care

Our extruded concrete borders provide a barrier between transitional edges on your property. For example, no longer will your weed whipper or lawn mower eat into your mulch or rocks.

  • Create an effective root barrier keeping grass and weeds at bay.
  • Retain mulch within the desired area.
  • Prevent erosion.
  • Reduce time spent trimming edges – the concrete is strong and stable enough to support the lawn mower wheel!

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Add Value to Your Home

Decorative Curbing is a very rewarding product and a great addition to your homes overall look. Landscape curbing adds value to your home, eliminates labor intensive yard work, and gives a clean, crisp, finished look to your freshly cut lawn.

  • Landscaping is the first thing that potential buyers see, and it reflects well — or poorly — on other homes in the neighborhood.
  • Good landscaping can add up to 28% to overall home value, says landscape economist John Harris.

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Maintenance Free

Provide permanent and maintenance free edging and care

  • Will not rust like steel.
  • Will not decompose and rot like wood.
  • Will not move like brick.

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